Library Series


The Smartest Animals Series

Humans are not the only brainiacs in the animal kingdom. This book takes you inside the minds of some of the Earth’s most intelligent creatures. Learn more about these animals, how they use their cleverness to survive, and how they are still surprising scientists with their astonishing smarts.

“Each title opens with a real life example of a clever animal in action, such as a trio of gorillas breaking a hunter’s snare or an octopus dismantling its aquarium. Further exploration of animal intelligence follows, along with information about habitat, life cycle, and other general topics. Each book includes a variety of challenges to readers, including questions on scientific research, analysis of text, guided web research, and follow-up writing assignments. These features may resonate only with the most highly motivated students but have strong potential use for teachers, with solid tie-ins to Common Core content.” ~ School Library Journal

What's Great About Georgia?

Our Great States Series

From picking cotton to eating peaches, moonlit gorges and adventure parks, Georgia is a wonderful place to visit! Find out about the top ten places to see on your trip!

What's Great About Maine?

Our Great States Series

Maine has a lot more to offer than just lobster, although that’s a good reason to visit this ruggedly beautiful state, too! Check out the top ten places to visit and things to do in Maine!

“In an innovative change from most state sets, these books are lively travel guides to each state’s top 10 kid-friendly places. They cover an eclectic mix of historic sites such as the Ingalls’ South Dakota homestead, museums, and science centers, scenic natural wonders, and popular culture favorites such as theme parks, the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, and iconic stops along Route 66. The authors incorporate information about state history and geography in their descriptions, which include tips on what to do, see, and eat. Sidebars add information about people, animals, and geographical themes. Full-page color photos and smaller photo overlays are outstanding. National, state, and locator maps are a plus. VERDICT: These books won’t replace traditional report material, but they introduce kids to the magic of travel and offer them a look at some of the United State’s most interesting places.” ~School Library Journal

Malala Yousafzai: Nobel Peace Prize Winner and Education Activist

Newsmakers Series

In 2014, at the age of seventeen, Malala Yousafzai became the youngest person ever to win the Nobel Peace Prize. Read all about her amazing and sometimes terrifying journey from a young girl in Pakistan to a world-famous education activist.

“These enlightening and clearly written volumes cover the lives and careers of newsworthy individuals, flaws and all. Each slim title is textbook-like yet engaging, impressively meeting Common Core standards with comprehensible graphs and charts…Another excellent resource is the ‘Stop and Think’ spread, which contains activities that challenge students to write or think creatively. Solid, mostly color photos enhance the books. VERDICT: Highly useful for current events units.” ~ School Library Journal

The Science of an Oil Spill

Disaster Science Series

The environment is subjected to many natural and manmade disasters, from devastating hurricanes to explosive volcanoes to destructive oil spills. Look inside this book to learn about the science behind one of these deadly events, including why it happens, what its effects are, and how scientists are working to predict or prevent it.

“Filled with fascinating facts and photos, these information-packed volumes take on familiar and little-known catastrophes. While the details of these natural and human-made disasters will intrigue readers, the true focus of the books is how scientists employ the scientific method to improve past ideas and theories and potentially avoid future tragedies. For the most part, the authors are experts in their respective fields, giving the text greater credibility.” ~School Library Journal

Learning about Asia

Do You Know the Continents? Series

Did you know that Asia is the world’s largest continent? Or that not everyone agrees about which countries should be considered part of Asia? Learn more about this diverse continent, including its people, countries, landforms, economy, and more.

“From the striking full-color satellite cover images to the engaging text, informative maps, and high-quality illustrations, every aspect of these titles conveys the basic themes of geography to introduce the continents. Each volume opens with an interesting fact and locator map, followed by chapters about the continent’s countries and cities, landforms, climate, and animals, natural resources, peoples and cultures, and economies. Topics are illustrated with large color photos and there are at least five informative maps per book, a major strength. Captions provide information or ask comprehension or critical thinking questions. VERDICT: Solid choices for elementary collections.” ~School Library Journal

How Can We Reduce Fossil Fuel Pollution?

What Can We Do about Pollution? series

Fossil fuels such as coal, oil, and gas create many types of pollution. But did you know that scientists have found ways to limit the pollution’s effects? Or that even small changes can greatly reduce the pollution you create? Find out more about how we can reduce fossil fuel pollution.

“VERDICT: This informative series will inspire young readers to join the cause for climate change.” ~ School Library Journal