Starred Review for the Nian Monster!

Wow!!!  Publishers Weekly reviewed THE NIAN MONSTER and gave it a starred review! I can hardly believe it — it’s really a dream come true. Here’s my favorite quote from the review:

“Wang’s story thrills but doesn’t threaten: Chau’s wonderfully vivid watercolors give the monster doe eyes and a round body that make him seem like a cranky, overgrown teddy bear, and Wang shares cultural information about the Chinese New Year with the lightest of touches.”

Isn’t that wonderful? I feel like the reviewer totally understood my story and what I was trying to do. Here’s a link to the full review if you want to read it. And a sneak peek at one of the interior illustrations of the book, featuring Mr. Crankypants, the Nian Monster. He doesn’t look too grumpy here at all. 🙂


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